The Neverending Dance Of The Creation | 1999

Lubbock (USA), The Landmark Gallery - Texas Tech University

In "The Neverending Dance of Evolution", the images of lifeforms from the air, ocean and land metamorphose into one another. This cycle of creation highlights each creature`s specific morphology - and implicitly, its viewpoint - and also the environment that includes the other creatures. As the images blend into one another, they suggest that the boundaries between forms are fluid. In this installation, the border between system and environment is not a fixed boundary, but a dynamic, constantly changing negotiation in which environment and system transmute into one another. When the viewer enters this scene and casts her shadow on the wall, she too becomes part of the dynamic interplay, with her viewpoint and her morphology entering into the autopoietic cycle of continuing self-renewal and self-creation. Standing near one corner of the gallery is a three-dimensional plexiglass box which appears to contain a fruit fly as large as a Doberman, slowly moving its legs and wings. The image is of course an illusion, a projection into the space that, like the wall images, is made of light. The realism is striking; it is in fact a microscopy image, created from a dead fly by artificially moving the legs into different positions, capturing the images, and then using a computer program to morph them into a semblance of lifelike motion.

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