The artist's /engineer's work-place covered with scars and sunspots | 1998

Bonn, Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der BRD

This complex title, “Der mit Narben und Sonnenflecken überzogene Arbeitstisch des Ingenieurs/Künstlers” (The artist’s/engineer’s work-place covered with scars and sunspots) refers to the complexity of the whole installation, in terms of both media and atmosphere. A Kafka-esque image- and objectarium is created on 8 glass tables, each 160 cm x 80 cm. The tables are covered by about 400 petri dishes, which form little showcases that are complete in themselves. These glass dishes contain graphically biological formulae and drawings, and also genetic labels and wire models based on molecular chains. Bizarre-looking buzzards’ talons and numerous 1:1 silicon casts of female nipples are also to be found in these petri dishes. The tables are entirely covered with long items of laboratory glassware, which acquire an absurdly kraken-like quality from their shape, which is partly technical and partly organic. Three overhead projectors are built into the table arrangement. They project interpenetrating pictorial motifs on to tight back-projection screens, which thus limit the room spatially and at the same time give it transparent form. Circling movements by silicon nipples floating in a pool of water are projected by one of the three projectors. Rotating points of light in the space are added to this turning movement by a spotlit disco ball. Piles of dead house-flies crop up from time to time among all these structures that look like laboratory equipment.

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