Critical Mass | 1995

Düsseldorf, Kunsthalle
Liverpool(GB), Bluecoat Gallery

The glass architecture and prominent position of the „Wewerka Pavillion" in the middle of a spacious park make this info a striking exhibition site. With this work, the artist has transformed the glass pavillion into an enormous glass cabinet, where the viewer is forced by design to observe the processes going on inside the „cabinet" from outside. The four huge glass walls have been covered with a total of 180 sq.m. of back projection transparency material. Only in the corners areas of any size have been left exposed to give the viewer the opportunity of looking info and through the cabinet. Ten overhead projectors positioned within this „closed system" are used to project transparencies onto and through the walls of the pavillion. The overlaid images and moving elements (air bubbles in water tanks), which are also projected by means of overhead projectors, mean that the content and appearance of the projected images are constantly shifting, depending upon where the viewer stands. The motivs of the transparencies are taken from fhe world of modern science and its archaic opposite - the animistic world of the primitive people of Africa. The pavillion itself is no longer merely an „exhibition site" but through its magical and mystic artificiality, has instead become a sculpture in its own right, a „non-material" vision of light concerning the socalled "Lost Knowledge".

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