The Lost Knowledge

The Tender View Turning Inside Out

1993 | Atlanta (USA), Nexus Gallery
1992 | Charlotte (USA), Spirit Square Center of the Arts

In both installations Harald Fuchs creates larger views of the world from photographic transparencies of things as tiny as a fly`s leg or as large as the recorded pathways of a accelerated nuclear bombardments, juxtaposed with photos of people from indigenous cultures. His light installations become pathways through which the viewer walks - and thus becomes part of the installation, and part of Fuchs` vision. In his most recent work, photos of African people are combined with images of molecular structures, making a strong expressive statement about the quest of modern society to connect, through science, with what Fuchs` calls »ancient knowledge«. In »The Lost Knowledge« , the meaning is that there was a knowledge 6.000 years ago - a philosophical system - that was lost. Now we have to find the knowledge again. The first way is to look at the African people and their spiritual and cultural practices. But when we want to know also how and why the world functions, we use the scientific. It is our new religion.

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